This is how we train for S4T


Route of the 23 kilometer MTB route in the forrest of Rold in Denmark. The route has 415 ascending meters.

Denmark is flat. Like really flat. Especially the northern part of Jutland where we are from. So in order to train for the S4T we sometimes have to drive to get to the right conditions to get some beneficial training done.

Sunday last week Lasse and I set out to run the MTB route in the forrest of Rold which is located just south of my hometown Aalborg. With us we also had company from our friend Lasse who was following us on his MTB.

It was a fantastic day in the forrest and a great running session. Luckily I have recently become the proud owner of a GoPro camera, so I will let the following video speak for us in this post. Enjoy 🙂