Blog added on S4T official website (english)

Our blog is now officially listed on the S4T website :-)

Our blog is now listed on the S4T official website.

From now on I will try to make some of my posts in English, since about 20% of our page hits are from outside Denmark and we want to give these readers a chance as well. I also expect that the number of non-danish visitors will increase since this I can now happily announce that our blog is now added to the official S4T website 🙂

Yesterday I recieved an confirmation email from the S4T Press manager that they have added our blog to their “Runners Corners” section on their website. Only two of the other blogs have english content, so maybe some readers will prefer this blog then. Check out the Runners Corner on the S4T website.

I hope that this initiative will give us a couple of more readers, as getting more readers is both fun and motivating. We can only hope that some of our readers will give some feedback on our training and thoughts at some point. Let’s see 🙂

Keep on running, and see you (some of you) in the Alps!